Monday, June 23, 2008

Garden Update Week 10

Sorry for the double post today.
I need to get this garden update out of the way so I can mentally move on from what I feel has been a failure.
I am ready to move on and figure out what I can plant during the height of the Florida Summer Heat.
I also should be planning fall crops at this give David ample time to build additional boxes.
(*Note: Dave still has not built the 2nd box I asked very nicely for at the same time that he built the first!)

Here we go with the Horror...

The whole garden at 10 weeks (70 days)

At a quick glance the Basil, Oregano, and Strawberries look fine.
Last week I picked the Romaine Lettuce and it is growing back (I didn't think that was going to happen).
I forgot to take closeups of the Broccoli. They are on the left side of the picture in the 2nd squares. They grew and nothing ever actual broccoli.
I obviously didn't pay attention to the packet it says plant between July-December.
I think I'll take those out and try again.

Next up, Burpee Little Finger Carrots
They are supposed to grow 3 1/2 inches long by 5/8 inch thick (65 days to harvest).
I thought I was pretty close with the first one I pulled and maybe they just need another week or so

But than we pulled this one

The kids ate a couple that looked ok and that made them happy

They love eating things right out of the garden!

My poor tomatoes :(
Remember back at Week 7 I found a Tomato Horn Worm
Prior to the worm the tomato plants were thriving and loaded with growing tomatoes.
Really I couldn't have been more pleased but after the worm they were just never the same.
Both plants were purchased the Home Depot. The one on the left is a Bonnie Park's Whopper and on the right a Bonnie Beefmaster.

Closeup of the Park's Whopper

Below is a Bonnie Sweet Green Bell
This plant is weak and has never looked good.
Could is actually be a Marconi Pepper?

This is a Bonnie Red Bell.
I have 2 growing on the plant and they look fine...I'm just waiting for them to turn Red??

Now for the corn...
Ferry Morse Seeds Kandy Corn Hybrid
Overall health of the plants look ok to me but they are not even close to 8ft tall.
Harvest should be at 89 days and they are progressing because I can now see the silk.
We'll see what happens with these in a few weeks.

Bonnie Hot Banana Pepper
Another small weak plant but I do have 2 peppers!
I would be shocked if it grows any more

aahh, now for my Vertical Garden that isn't so Vertical
I couldn't get Nylon Garden Netting locally and kept forgetting to order it.
I have Cantaloupe on the right and Watermelon on the left

and I already have one growing!

I have a spot left in this long bed for Pumpkins. I need to plant those in the next couple weeks for them to be ready for Halloween.
I would like to order the Nylon Netting so I can see if I can actually grow them vertically ;)

I know this was a long post, but if you garden and can offer any advice or encouragement it would be appreciated



Anita (aka Angelnina) said...

WOW! I'm impressed with that melon! I can't get mine off to a good start. Your peppers look beautiful! I'm hoping the square foot garden will work for me. If not, I'll be back to row gardening next spring.
I am happy so far.

One Boy One Girl Boutique said...

Yes, I'm pretty excited about the melon and so are the kids! I guess I was a little hard on myself in the post. The garden does look good and it is my first attempt at sfg...maybe I just have a bad tomato plant and need to take it out :)

Anonymous said...

I have good news for you about your questionable marconi pepper. It is actually a Gypsi Sweet Pepper. I bought several of them this year thinking that they were bell peppers, thanks to the kind help from the lady in the gardening department at my local hardware store. If you leave them on the vine for a few more days or so, they will continue to grow only slightly rounder but they will grow much longer. Their taste is very similar to a bell pepper just sweeter, great on salads.
Oh, by the way, I know you don't know me, but I am Heather's (lulubelles couture)Friend, Adrian. I found your blog through hers. Hope you don't mind the comment

One Boy One Girl Boutique said...

Hi Adrian and Welcome to my Blog! I love "Comments" so comment away :) Wow, a Gypsi Sweet Pepper...can't wait to try it. Thanks for the info

Willow Tree said...

Im jealous I will post pics soon of our little try at a will laugh:)