Monday, June 23, 2008

Garden Update Week 10

Sorry for the double post today.
I need to get this garden update out of the way so I can mentally move on from what I feel has been a failure.
I am ready to move on and figure out what I can plant during the height of the Florida Summer Heat.
I also should be planning fall crops at this give David ample time to build additional boxes.
(*Note: Dave still has not built the 2nd box I asked very nicely for at the same time that he built the first!)

Here we go with the Horror...

The whole garden at 10 weeks (70 days)

At a quick glance the Basil, Oregano, and Strawberries look fine.
Last week I picked the Romaine Lettuce and it is growing back (I didn't think that was going to happen).
I forgot to take closeups of the Broccoli. They are on the left side of the picture in the 2nd squares. They grew and nothing ever actual broccoli.
I obviously didn't pay attention to the packet it says plant between July-December.
I think I'll take those out and try again.

Next up, Burpee Little Finger Carrots
They are supposed to grow 3 1/2 inches long by 5/8 inch thick (65 days to harvest).
I thought I was pretty close with the first one I pulled and maybe they just need another week or so

But than we pulled this one

The kids ate a couple that looked ok and that made them happy

They love eating things right out of the garden!

My poor tomatoes :(
Remember back at Week 7 I found a Tomato Horn Worm
Prior to the worm the tomato plants were thriving and loaded with growing tomatoes.
Really I couldn't have been more pleased but after the worm they were just never the same.
Both plants were purchased the Home Depot. The one on the left is a Bonnie Park's Whopper and on the right a Bonnie Beefmaster.

Closeup of the Park's Whopper

Below is a Bonnie Sweet Green Bell
This plant is weak and has never looked good.
Could is actually be a Marconi Pepper?

This is a Bonnie Red Bell.
I have 2 growing on the plant and they look fine...I'm just waiting for them to turn Red??

Now for the corn...
Ferry Morse Seeds Kandy Corn Hybrid
Overall health of the plants look ok to me but they are not even close to 8ft tall.
Harvest should be at 89 days and they are progressing because I can now see the silk.
We'll see what happens with these in a few weeks.

Bonnie Hot Banana Pepper
Another small weak plant but I do have 2 peppers!
I would be shocked if it grows any more

aahh, now for my Vertical Garden that isn't so Vertical
I couldn't get Nylon Garden Netting locally and kept forgetting to order it.
I have Cantaloupe on the right and Watermelon on the left

and I already have one growing!

I have a spot left in this long bed for Pumpkins. I need to plant those in the next couple weeks for them to be ready for Halloween.
I would like to order the Nylon Netting so I can see if I can actually grow them vertically ;)

I know this was a long post, but if you garden and can offer any advice or encouragement it would be appreciated


Crazy for Origami

We did more crafting after yesterdays post.
From the Origami site I posted about.
We made sailboats, a bee, mini cats and puppies that fit on the tip of your cute and easy!
Bella, whose 4 can make the puppies by herself and the cats with a little help.

I think we have found a new addiction...go give it a try


Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Raining, it's pouring...

and we are crafting

Bella watched an episode of Caillou where Caillou's grandpa helps him make crafts out of paper...I thought they made a hat but Bella remembers a hand puppet.
I'm sure she is right, she always is

It's been raining most of the afternoon so Bella logically asked to make paper puppets.
I couldn't find exactly what she wanted but both Bella and Trenton were happy with what we came up with
success, happy children...for 10 minutes

We made Cats from directions that we altered originally for a polar bear
(I just went to the main page of the site and it has lots of easy Origami crafts)
We also made Foxes which are more like a hand puppet.

Still to find more crafts!

(Due to rain the 10 week garden update will have to wait till tomorrow. That gives the garden an extra day to deteriorate -No really, I am serious)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Feeling Crabby

I just Listed a New Summer of 2008 Design on eBay!
It's a collaboration with I Love Kiddie Clothes
She is one of my talented group members from TheAve
I Love Kiddie Clothes is a fabulous seamstress and her applique's are To Die For!

Crabby Bling Tee Listing

Matching Capris by I Love Kiddie Clothes

FREE SHIPPING on the Crabby Bling Tee
To The Lucky Person that Wins the Auctions for
Both the Crabby Bling Tee & the Capris
Happy Bidding!
Crabby Listings Ends Friday June 27th

With the 4th of July only a few weeks away I have Re-Listed
my "Made in the USA" Bling Tee
available for both Boys & Girls!

"Made in the USA" Listing Ends Sunday June 22nd
and will ship in time for the 4th :)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Green Mowing

I'm sad to say I haven't jumped on the whole "Going Green" lifestyle as much as I should.
But this attempt might just kick my butt in shape literally!
We have purchased a Scotts 20" Classic Mower

No Gas, No Oil, No Electricity
Just good ol' Human Push Power
Yes, it's great for the environment but it is also a great workout!
Ok, now we have 3 acres so I'm not using it on the whole yard just yet.
We bought it for me to keep up with about 8000 sq. ft. of grass in the front and back of our house.
You know the part of the yard the family is always playing in and I am always nagging Dave to mow

I just have to say I LOVE IT!
It's quiet, the kids can play safely nearby and I don't have to worry about flying debris and I am getting an awesome workout!
I think it's a win win for everyone including the environment ;)


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ripe for the Picking ~Garden Update wk9

Here is our first Tomato harvest for the summer!
And just in time since the Tomato Salmonella outbreak has hit Florida.

Other than the tomatoes...I think the Banana Peppers are ready.
I had a failed attempt at lettuce. When I first planted the garden I planted seeds for Romaine & Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce. I think I was a little too late and it got too hot here in Florida.
I do have a packet of Seed Savers Lettuce Mixture that I may plant since my 2 lettuce squares are empty now. I'm not sure if they will be a success this time of year but I'll give it a try.

I also pulled up a Carrot to see how they are coming along...still very small although the packet says 65 Days to Harvest. Sorry no pic's but they are Burpee Little Finger Carrots
The length was ok when I picked them but they were very thin.

I am such a newbie at this! With the exception of Herbs and Tomatoes I haven't grown much else.

I'll take pictures on the whole Garden again for the 10 week update to see if any readers have advice.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome GirlIndie

Welcome GirlIndie readers/members!
I should have posted this Welcome message days ago...I see many new visitors stopping by from GrilIndie

If you are not familiar with GirlIndie they are a
Forum structured Network providing information and opportunities to WAHM and Women Owned Businesses. Most members produce all of their products by hand. Working to keep the tradition of Handmade Quality items from getting lost among the big name brands.
GirlIndie also has a Blog dedicated to featuring these designers.

Stop by GirlIndie June 2-8 to take part in their Birthday Bash!

For those of you new to my Blog...
My name is Patricia and I am a work at home mom/designer.
I have One Boy and One Girl, hence the name ;)
I have always been a crafty and creative person. I enjoy creating, gardening and cooking.
Several years ago I started to design dazzling rhinestud encrusted tees for my little girl. Because I love to doodle this went beyond cute sayings like "Daddy's Girl". I have created hundreds of designs from Gold Fish, Roosters and Hippos to Character Favorites!
I have been selling my designs on eBay and in boutiques for 4 years and am in the process of opening my own website.

Please stop by One Boy One Girl Boutique to see a Preview of our
Summer 2008 Collection and visit the Gallery page to see a sample of my work.

Don't forget to leave a Comment on my Blog so I know you stopped by :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Wild Kingdom (7wk Garden Update)

Here we are 7 weeks into our Square Foot Garden and from this picture all appears to be fine

Tomato's are in abundance...I can't wait until they are ready to pick!

Trenton is so proud of his Banana Pepper Plant

Red Peppers getting bigger every day

I didn't title this post "Wild Kingdom" for no reason

Expertly camouflaged within the branches and leaves of the Tomato plant was a
Tomato Horn Worm
Can you find him in this picture?

Well this not so little guy had to go before he destroyed my Tomato plants!

I will be checking daily to see if he has any friends living in my little garden

This past weekend we have also encountered other unwelcome backyard visitors...
While eating breakfast I looked out our back door to see this

He is only our second snake siting of the season and I'm sure he won't be the last.
Sorry I am awful at snake identification but my very uneducated guess is???
Well, you can look it up Here

Ok, now this was a first for me and I would almost like to forget that this is lurking around my yard
A Black Widow Spider was under a log next to the kids trampoline!
Onyx-Pup was barking as something so we all went out to see.
As usual Onyx was harassing the turtle heading back to it's hole
(sorry no pic's of the turtle...I got preoccupied with the Poisonous Spider)

While watching the ruckus Onyx was causing David kicked over a log and
This is what he found!

It took the kids seeing this to keep their shoes on while outside
At least for One day