Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Trees and Pom poms

Make your own Christmas Tree
I have been eyeing these porch/entryway Christmas trees that I have been seeing at stores, for a while.
I've seen them in many sizes, with or without decorations and typically they range in price from $30-100.00+
I don't have much of a budget for holiday decorations this year, so I made my own.

I started with an empty flower pot and a tomato cage.
You can place the tomato cage upside down over the pot, like I did below

or if your pot is large enough you can place it in it

I used 3 9ft sections on 2ply pine garland that can be purchased for $3.99 each.
Wrap each section of garland around the tree and position the branches to fill in the empty spaces. It won't cover perfectly but trust me it will look fantastic when your done.

After the pine garland was in place, I wrapped a string of white lights around it and Bella added the faux poinsettia to make the tree look festive during the day.

The tree looked awesome all lit up tonight.
After I make another I will post more pictures.

While at a holiday home tour I saw similar trees wrapped in moss and decorated with fruit.
One used only green apples, it looked beautiful.

Bella has jumped on the Pom pom Garland craze.
This was an easy craft that she really enjoyed

She loved the fact that she could do it all by herself and it didn't take long.

Looks great on her and

on her very own Christmas tree!

Felt Ornaments
Here's a sneak peak at a felt ornament I made

I am working on a couple other designs based on cookie cutter shapes.
When I'm done I will post my patterns so you can make your own.
Happy Decorating!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ornament Crafts

While decorating the Christmas tree this past weekend I came across ornaments we have made over the years that are great kid crafting projects.
The first 2 are pipe cleaner ornaments.
Here's an easy candy cane that kids of all ages can make. We have them in several colors and sizes on the tree.

The snowflake may be better suited for older kids or the help from mom or dad to cut small pieces of pipe cleaners.
We had also made a wreath but I can't find it. If I make a new one I'll post a pic.

Trenton (10) and I made adorable reindeer ornaments when he was 3.
What a nice memory on our tree, we even have mommy and daddy reindeer hands...I think it's time Isabella made one ;)

Isabella did make this Popsicle ornament, there are also a few decorated with sparkles.

I made this gingerbread man garland several years ago along with a snowman set for my sister.

Here's the recipe for the garland
3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water

Food Coloring, Glitter or Acrylic Paints

To make the dough, combine the flour, salt, and water in a mixing bowl.
Knead the dough until smooth and rubbery.

You can roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to make your shapes.
If you will be making the shapes for garland use a straw to make holes for the ribbon.

Bake at 275 degrees for 1 hour.

Paint the ornaments after they have cooled completely.

Happy Christmas Crafting!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stitching & More

While I was working on my "Where we Love is Home" project, I taught the kids the stitches I had learned in the eBook.
Trenton is 10 so he picked it up quick.

Although Isabella is only 4 she was able to handle the basic stitches on her own and only needed a little more direction for the others.

While searching for the kids stitching pictures I came across a couple other projects they worked on recently that would make great gifts for kids to make for the upcoming holidays.

One of Trenton's favorite projects is making pillows.
He's made them for teachers, grandparents, himself and to sell at craft fairs.
He raids my fabric stash and creates pillows in all different sizes.
No pattern needed for an easy sewing project like this.

Here's a proud grandma receiving a pillow for mother's day

Trenton has also made his own tote bags, perfect to take on trips to carry books or his NintendoDS
This one is reversible

He also made his first piece of pottery over the summer.
This is still a work in progress because he hasn't painted it yet.

Isabella is the Queen of Jewels!
She will spend hours beading necklaces and bracelets for herself and friends.


Thanksgiving Crafting and Stitching?

This past week we worked on a few Thanksgiving crafts.
Isabella came up with her own way to give thanks to family we will have over for the holiday.
She made/decorated a Give Thanks Mailbox.
This was her own idea and she told me she plans to make a mailbox for every holiday.

She's already made several cards and drawings to give out on Thanksgiving.

While Isabella worked on that, I made the Leaf Garland that was featured in Good Housekeeping.
This was an easy no sew project.

In years past we have talked about what we are thankful for but I thought Skip To My Lou's Thanksgiving Tree would be a good tradition to start as well.

This is not necessarily a Thanksgiving craft. This is my first stitching project and I have been working on it for a couple months in my spare time.
I absolutely love stitching! I chose this new hobby because it was something I could do anywhere; sitting on the couch with Dave while he watches tv, waiting for the kids at gymnastics or guitar lessons or many of the other times I am sitting in my car waiting for the kids (which feels like most of the week)

This stitching pattern is from Needle in a Haystack.
I purchased Stitching Essentials: An Introduction to the Art of Stitching
The eBook covers the basic fundamentals of stitching from choosing embroidery hoops, needles, floss, and fabric, to learning 7 basic embroidery stitches. Besides the step by step photos of the stitches and instructions on how to frame your finished project, the eBook also included the "Where we Love is Home" pattern.
I thought it was a great pattern to start with because all the stitches you learned are incorporated in the design.
I am totally hooked and am now well stocked with floss, hoops, fabric and felt to get started on lots of holiday decorations!

Almost forgot... Needle in a Haystack also offers a few Free patterns ;)


Friday, November 14, 2008


At approximately 7:55pm we headed outside with binoculars and cameras in hand to catch a glimpse of Space Shuttle Endeavour rocketing through the night sky

We are 150 miles from Cape Canaveral. Although the pictures don't do it justice, it is spectacular to see the night sky light up and hear little Isabella declare she wants to ride in a rocket ship!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween 2008 ~ rewind

Today we started Thanksgiving craft projects and I realized I hadn't even posted about Halloween!
Here's a look back at the festivities that were filled with...

Crafting, Decorating

(to make a Trick or Treat sign for next year visit Skip to my Lou)

Harvest Festivals, Hay Rides

Singing (4 red apples)

Pumpkin Carving

Pink Poodles, Grim Reapers

Parties and Haunted Houses

Halloween felt like it lasted weeks with all the events to keep us busy!

To rewind even further, Here's a look back at last years pre-blog pumpkins


Thursday, October 23, 2008

You Can Make This!

I recently teamed up with my good friends Karen of Growing Up with Rosy and Christy from Little Shamrocks to create a Spooktacularly Comfy Halloween outfit for

If your in need of a quick and easy outfit to make for upcoming Fall Festivities
You can't go wrong with an adorable set like this

My eBook "Spooktacular Bling" includes 4 Halloween themed Hot Fix Dot patterns
Perfect to add sparkle to Tee's, Treat Bags, Pillows and More

Besides selling eBooks, I'm a You Can Make This customer.
I love that I can choose any one of the hundreds of patterns or informational ebooks and download it for use right away.

This past month I did just that to make Bella an outfit for her very first picture day at preschool.
The day before picture day I downloaded my eBooks, got to work and in a short time had a one of a kind outfit.
Here's Bella doing her Rock Star pose to model her outfit before heading to school.

I used a peasant top eBook by Dainty Designs to make her shirt and an eBook by Marymo Handmade to make button pony o's.
I sewed buttons on her knee high socks and followed an Etsy Labs tutorial to turn a pair of recycled jeans into a funky skirt.


Friday, September 26, 2008

The most Famous Reindeer of All

Yes, it's almost that time of year!
RMXdesigns, One*Boy*One*Girl*Boutique and Sweetie*Dumplings
have teamed up to bring you a Holiday Spectacular with the
Most Famous Reindeer of All

RMXdesigns made the super twirly skirt and of course I made a matching Rudolph Bling Tee

Bonus* If you win both the auction for the skirt and bling tee
RMXdesigns will give you a FREE set of Red Fur Cuffs
The Perfect adornment to your Holiday outfit!

Both the Skirt and the Bling Tee have starting auction prices of .99
Hurry get in and Bid!

Sweetie*Dumplings created a matching set of fluffy, curly bows to top off your holiday set

Ending eBay Auctions:
a Recycle Themed collaboration with luvnstitches
Organic “Trees in Green” Bling Tee
Ready to Ship size 6
Gaucho pants by luvnstitches

Organic “Earth/Recycle” Bling Tee
Ready to Ship size 6

The Perfect Dress by luvnstitches to go with the Earth Tee

Green Swirl Pony O’s

I have another "Go Green" outfit that I will list next week!

OBOGB Website News:
The website is busy right now with custom orders
Just in case you didn't know...
Yes, I do take Custom orders
The holiday's are just around the corner
Get your orders in early for special events and family portraits
Currently I have a turn around of 7 days to 2weeks for custom orders

I haven't taken down the Summer Sale yet
Stock Up and Save for next Summer!
up to 30% off select Summer Collection

Where to find my me:
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