Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Raining, it's pouring...

and we are crafting

Bella watched an episode of Caillou where Caillou's grandpa helps him make crafts out of paper...I thought they made a hat but Bella remembers a hand puppet.
I'm sure she is right, she always is

It's been raining most of the afternoon so Bella logically asked to make paper puppets.
I couldn't find exactly what she wanted but both Bella and Trenton were happy with what we came up with
success, happy children...for 10 minutes

We made Cats from directions that we altered originally for a polar bear
(I just went to the main page of the site and it has lots of easy Origami crafts)
We also made Foxes which are more like a hand puppet.

Still to find more crafts!

(Due to rain the 10 week garden update will have to wait till tomorrow. That gives the garden an extra day to deteriorate -No really, I am serious)


Jamie said...

We might try thay. I have some very bored kids around here. ;)

One Boy One Girl Boutique said...

Everyday the kids are asking to make something, LOL Yesterday we melted down the broken crayons...they aren't that great but maybe I'll post it so you can see.