Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Visions of December dance in my head

A December filled with
Christmas parades, parties, crafting, handmade Christmas pj's,
baking and a whole lot of holiday cheer.


Monday, December 28, 2009

How old am I?

Today is David's birthday. While he was at work, the kids and I made his traditional birthday cupcakes. With limited decorating supplies and time, we settled on writing Happy Birthday.
For the 3 cupcakes left we made a sugary heart (because we love him so much), a 3 and a 5 (for 35, his age). I won't lie I had to think for a minute about how old he actually is. You see, I can never remember how old I am, it takes too much effort to remember such trivial information. All I do know is that I am a year younger :)
After thinking about it, I decided that he was turning 35 today and I felt pretty confident and proud to come up with that number.

aren't these cupcakes a masterpiece
really not my finest work

My parents stopped by to drop off a birthday gift, while we walked them out David pulled in the driveway. We all ducked behind my car, although I'm sure he had already seen us but the kids thought this was fun. When he got out of his truck we jumped out and sang Happy Birthday, really loud!

The kids were so excited to show off the cupcakes, they led him in the house. I ran ahead so I could snap that perfect birthday surprise picture.

Here he is, smiles and all the surprise to see that BIG 35

Literally, as I snapped the pic he laughed and said they look great but I'm Not 35.
As I wrinkled my forehead in deep thought, I said Yes you are because I'm 34.
Noooo, your 32 he said. I said, I wish but I'm pretty sure I'm 34 and that means you are turning 35.
He actually grabbed a calculator to settle the dispute. Looking at the answer in disbelief he said "Man, I'm getting old".

Happy Birthday, Honey
I love you no matter how old you are

on a side note we also learned that we have been together for 16 years!
This revelation came as we talked about how old we are now and were when we started dating.
To top that we've known each other for 20 years, Now that is Crazy

Like I said I don't keep track of these kinds of things. So much so that we don't celebrate anniversaries. That's how we both can be truly shocked by the revelations of tonight.
Before another birthday, sixteen or twenty years passes without us noticing, maybe we should sit back and reflect on the things that have brought us to where we are now.

but not today, I'm a live in the moment kinda person
I'll save that for... Tomorrow


Monday, November 2, 2009

Facebook Fan Giveaway - Winner

The Bling T Giveaway Winner has been announced on our FB Fan page!
Congratulations :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

100 Fan Facebook Giveaway

One Boy One Girl Boutique on Facebook is getting close to hitting 100 fans.
When we do, we'll have a random drawing from the Fan list.
The lucky fan will have a choice of any Bling T on our website!

Before doing the drawing I will add a few New Designs and Holiday T's
to the inventory for you to choose from :)

Hurry and become a Fan today!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update - Back to School 2009

Isabella made it through her 1st day of Kindergarten!

I left for the school early so I would be one of the first parents through the car line.
Isabella came out of school smiling as wide as she was in the morning when I dropped her off :)
Trenton looked like a proud big brother guiding her to the car.

I had a bouquet of flowers for her in the car ;)

As soon as they got in Isabella said "Mommy, how was your day all by yourself?"
(she had been very concerned that I would be lonely with no one to play with)
I said mine was good and asked how hers was.
Trenton chimed in "She did awesome!"

Isabella agreed, and told me about the adventures of her day...

Going on a bear hunt around the school (school tour), while wearing bear ear headbands they made, searching for honey in their class room and finding Honey Grahams to snack on.
(fyi - a bear is their school mascot.)
She said she exercised in PE, ate lunch in the cafeteria like the big kids and played on the playground.

When we got home she showed me all the "important papers" in her backpack and the "Perfect" Bear stamp on her calendar, that she earned for following all the class/school rules.

She is very excited to meet the rest of her class tomorrow for the first full day with all the kindergartners.

Things are looking up...I hope she continues to be as excited.


Back to School 2009

Yes, it's that time of year in Florida.
The summer came and went so fast!

This is a big year for us...
Trenton is in 5th grade and it is his last year in primary school.
I don't even want to think about next year...I freak out at the thought of MIDDLE SCHOOL

Isabella is in Kindergarten and this will be the only year she will be in the same school with her big brother, Trenton.
I am so happy they will have this year together and that Trenton is old enough to watch out for her...they have a great relationship :)

The 1st official day of school was Monday for most students.
Surprisingly, one of the nice things the school district has started to do is stagger the kindergartners first days.
A different group of 4 - 6 students from each Kindergarten class go each day until Friday, when they all go together for the first time.
This way the teachers can get to know the kids better and help them adjust to a new school.
I'm happy Bella is in the last group.
If she had gone Monday, I don't know that I could have gotten her to go back Friday LOL

Here's Trenton on his 1st day of 5th Grade

and here, waiting in the car line for morning drop off

When I picked him up he said the 1st day was as good as every other 1st day ;)
Which meant, he liked it, because he didn't do any work

Today was Bella's big day!
I asked her several times if she wanted me to walk her in to her class
but she said she wanted to be dropped off in the front like all the other big kids
and Trenton would walk her to class.
She did request that he hold her hand and maybe give her a hug after he walked her into the classroom.
Without question he agreed to all of this.
(gotta love this kid, sometimes!)

On her own she woke up extra early this morning and
was like a Mexican jumping bean bouncing around with excitement.

(Please note that this is the way she is for the first day of most things, it's the days to follow that the tears come and the pleading to stay home starts...we'll see what happens this year)

Here she is in her "Girls Rock" shirt, matching knee socks and glitter shoes!

and here, with her Big Bro

Again, waiting in the car line.
Trenton unbuckled Isabella from her car seat and helped her fix her skirt and put on her backpack.

Jumping up and down, she got out of the car squealing and announced to everyone it was her first day!

This was my last look at them before I pulled away with tears in my eyes :(

I am so proud of both of them!
Can't wait to hear about her day


Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Pioneer Woman creates a Tasty Kitchen

My favorite domestic goddess The Pioneer Woman
has created a recipe sharing/social networking community
called Tasty Kitchen
Stop by, become a member and share your recipes!
You can find me there by doing a member search for

Happy Cooking!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I just got back from a great family vacation in Montana. I can't wait to show you all the pictures...I have a lot to go through LOL

I want to take a minute to mention, that while I was away, my sock puppet craft was featured on the fabulous OnePrettyThing website
I am a huge fan of the site! Each day OnePrettyThing features crafty tutorials from all over the internet. It's definitly a site worth adding to your favorites :D


Thank You OnePrettyThing for featuring me!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sock Puppets

Is it Hot or Raining outside?
From crafting to playing, sock puppets provided my kids with hours of fun!

The other day I got the usual "Mom we're board...lets do a project!"
I sigh, as I think about all the things I need to get done around the house.

What can the kids make without much help from me??
How about puppets!
This thought started out as paper bag puppets, in my mind.
As I grabbed a stack, Bella said "No Mama, SOCKS"

I can never can find matching socks when we need them...that works perfect for this craft!

My other issue with socks, is that none of ours "look" clean.
Kids in and out of the house all day, more often than not the kids are shoeless and socks (if they are wearing them LOL) get worn outside.
What's the deal with that??

I remembered a sock puppet a teacher had that had a "hard mouth".
Problem Solved...More on that later

While the kids looked for socks, I got out glue (regular & hot glue), markers, fabric scraps, felt, cotton balls, ribbon and google eyes.

With the kids hard at work on traditional sock puppets, I worked on my new version.

How to get rid of the dirty bottom on the sock ;) and make a better puppet

Using a cereal box I cut out an oval approx. 2.5 by 4 inches
(this worked well on an adult sock)
Depending on the size of your sock you may need to adjust the size.

Fold the oval in half, use scissors or a ruler to press down the crease.

Push the cardboard to the tip of the sock.
Put your hand in, with fingers on top and thumb on the bottom of the cardboard, test out the mouth to make sure it is where you want it.
Now, cut a smaller oval in the sock, where you want the mouth.

Ick, look at that dirty sock!

Glue the cardboard to the inside of the sock.
I used hot glue so it would dry faster but any glue will work.

To make it look more like a mouth.
cut out another oval from fabric or paper and glue it on top.
Check it out, looks awesome, right?

Here are a few of the puppets the kids and I made
Sheep (using cotton balls for the woolly fur)

A Cute cat with the "hard mouth", yarn tail and ricrac collar

Puppy dogs with floppy ears
(those are our dogs Onyx and Yota...really they look just like them!)

Another cat and Bella's version of our dog Onyx

Bella enjoyed chasing us around the house having her puppet bit us, LOL

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Cats Meow ~ Bling T

Kitty Cat Bling Tee Listed on eBay for the
BCheeky Teacher’s Pet Launch

I've teamed up with
sweettreatboutique and fish*hook*crochet
To bring you a fun outfit,
perfect for the entire school year!
Search BCheeky on eBay for the coordinating items and more!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tweet with OBOGboutique

It takes me a while to accept new technology and forms of communication.
Being the cautious person that I am I like to make sure new things are going to stick around before I invest my time in them.

With that said
OBOGboutique is now on Twitter!

What I'm going to do there, I don't know?
Perhaps Fun Giveaways (it's been a while) and special Twitter Sales.
You've got to Follow Me to see ;)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bloomin Bling

The eBay design group The Fairy Godmothers
has invited One Boy One Girl Boutique
to take part in their Tickled Pink guest launch.

Pick yourself some Bloomin Bling on eBay


Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's out your Backdoor?

BCheeky Guest Blogging Today

The Internet is an amazing place!
I never thought that I would be a person that could use the phrase "My Internet Friend" when describing someone I talk to on a daily basis.
Over the years I have made many "Internet Friends" and have even met a few of them in person...Yes I know, Freaky ;)

We are all from different parts of the country and the world.
Show off "What's out your Backdoor"

I live in Florida, the first images that come to mind for most are white sand beaches, maybe even Disney.

Stop by the BCheeky Blog to see What's out My Backdoor!
It won't be what you think

Whether your at work or home take a snap shot out your door or window and share it on your blog.
If you do, post a comment here or on the BCheeky Blog so we can take a peak into your world.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

BCheeky Lemonade Recipe

The eBay design group B*Cheeky that I belong to has started a blog.
Each week different members of the group will post.

For my first post I am sharing an
Oh So Tangy and Sweet Recipe for Fresh Lemonade

Sweeten your 4th of July Festivities with a glass ;)
Click on over to the B*Cheeky Blog for the Recipe

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Peeps have arrived!!

We ordered 12 baby chicks 2 months ago from My Pet Chicken.
Of course I wanted them right away, but I chose 6 different varieties
(Australorp, White Leghorn, Plymouth Rock, Buff Orpington, Red Star & Rhode Island Reds) it took some time to get hatch dates close together. 2 months is long time to wait (well, for me), you'd think a person waiting that long would be more then prepared for the arrival.
Not me, I'm never ready for anything.
Luck for me the people in my life know this and expect nothing more ;)

My chicks were due to arrive in the mail today.
Yesterday, I planned to run errands gathering a few supplies I was missing.
That was the plan, but here's what happened...

Picked Bella up from preschool at Noon, came home to make her lunch before heading out to run errands.
12:30 the phone rings...United States Gov...hmmm, guess I should answer that.
The man on the phone said my box of chicks just arrived at the PO.
While he was saying some non important things or at least I wasn't paying attention, I could hear Chirping in the background.
My stomach started feeling sick, I hung up so fast I have no idea what I said to him.
Except the obvious, I'm on my way!

I ran around the house freaking out, in panic mode that the brooder wasn't setup, I didn't have the right heat lamp and what I thought was a chick waterer, wasn't!

I called Dave at work rambling about having to go to the pet store, get to the PO asap to get the chicks home to give them water before they DIE!
(This post is going to have lots of "!")

During all the chaos Bella was following behind me telling me not to worry because the chicks weren't coming until tomorrow.
(children, like animals instinctively know when you are loosing your mind and they need to step in and comfort you...don't you love that)

Bella helped me set up the brooder, prepare sugar water and fill the feeder.
We jumped in the car and raced to the PO, while Dave kindly ran my errands.
(he could have saved me some stress by doing that days ago, LOL)

We cut in front of the Huge line at the PO and excitedly told the clerk that baby chicks were waiting for us. Bella was jumping up and down, clapping and squealing with delight.
The people in line were laughing, either out of excitement for us or that we must be crazy.

No lie, I was giddy when I saw the box.
We carefully carried our precious babies to the car.
Took a second to snap a quick pic, of course

Bella made the calls to announce the arrival of grand babies/nieces to our family.
I concentrated on safely driving the chicks home.

We opened the box to lively chirping chicks eager to get out.
What a relief all 12 were alive!

(look Dave saved the day, just in time with the right waterer, but that long feeder had to go!)
I carefully took each one out of the box and dipped there beaks in the water.
The chicks were much larger and hardier than I thought they would be.
Really what do I know, I had never seen a baby chick before.

Proud Papa and Chick Sis admiring our new additions to the family

Crazy Chicken Brother!
This kid has loved and talked about chickens his entire life.
Why, I don't know?
The speech he did a few weeks ago was even about Chickens!
That turned out to be a great way for us to research chicken care.
(I'll have to post his fabulous speech)

Cat introductions
(btw, that is our new kitten, Honey)

Sleeping fluff balls or are they dead!
No they aren't, just looks that way ;)

Brooder setup
I can't maintain a high enough temperature for the chicks in our house.
It's 85-90 degrees outside, so during the day the brooder will be on the porch with the heat lamps.

121 pictures later, the chicks have made it through their first day/night at home :)

We are all chicken smitten

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Homemade Topsy Turvy

I mentioned in my previous post that you don't need a special "sold on TV" pot to grow tomato plants upside down.

Here's what you need to make your own:
Coconut Fiber Hanging Basket (I used 14"x6")
Tomato Plant
Garden Soil

Choose a strong wire basket.
I lucked out that this one had an open circle on the bottom creating the perfect place for the tomato plant to rest.

Cut a cross in the bottom center of the basket.

A small tomato plant will be easiest to fit through the hole.
Gather the branches, gently push them through the hole while turning the plant upside down.

Super easy and none of the branches broke!

Aww, how cute ;)

If your plant comes with a peat pot and you leave it on, I suggest breaking apart the bottom to help the roots spread.
Fill with Garden Soil and Your done.
You can take it a step further and add to it's function.
Add Flowers or Herbs on top to make an extra attractive Homemade Topsy Turvy!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Garden = Savings

Like all network news/talk shows that are jumping on the "home garden" bandwagon,
GMA had a short segment this morning.

They touched on the basics of planting seeds, hanging tomato plants upside down (and you don't need a special "sold on TV" pot for that) and composting.

The show also stated that a $70.00 investment in a veggie garden
can save you $600 p/yr on groceries.

How much could you save if you garden year round?

Any way you look at it, it's a Savings and it's Healthy!

My first tomato and pepper harvest for 2009 :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Patriotic Bling Tees

Currently Listed on eBay
(will be uploaded to the OBOGB website next week)

Do you know a little girl that is
Fun, Spirited and Independent ;)

Let your little Firecracker show her Patriotism with this Sparkly Bling Tee

Back my popular demand...
Made in the USA Bling Tee
(on the website and at auction)

So cute for a Boy or Girl!