Friday, April 23, 2010

New Painted Tee

Here's another for the Boys Painted T collection

guitar skull shirt

These shirts are so much fun to make! I snapped a bunch of pic's..tutorial coming :)


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Revisiting last Earth Day and Earth Day Ideas

I would like to do a new Going Green post today (not sure I'll have time), So for now I want to recap the posts from last Earth Day.

laundry soap

I no longer use the powdered version because it did not work well in my HE washer.
If I have time later today (or this week) I will post a "How To" for Liquid Laundry check back :)

tshirt bag

The is is a fun and quick project that the kids can help out with.
Also makes a great alternative to a paper gift bag!

Things to do on Earth Day & Everyday
plant a tree or garden
turn off the lights & TV
recycle, upcycle
donate unwanted items
have a garage sale
start a compost pile
ride your bike...good for you & the environment
clean up trash in a park or along the roadside
replace your light bulbs with energy efficient ones
be self sufficient: buy baby chicks at your farm and feed store
buy organic food and clothing

My Going Green and Self Sufficient Living Flickr pic's
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Happy Earth Day 2010

Happy Earth Day from One Boy One Girl Boutique

earth day 2010

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Chicken Show - Martha Style

Don't Miss It!
Tune into this Friday's episode of the Martha Stewart Show, which is all about backyard chickens. The show features special guest Traci Torres, My Pet Chicken founder, talking about how to care for baby chicks.

I'm a big fan of My Pet Chicken, I purchased my first group of chickens from them last spring. They were so helpful on the phone...I called them several times before my baby chicks arrived in the mail, you know with all those nervous 1st time mom questions ;)

Martha is also going to share yummy eggs recipes, because we all know for how much I Love my chickens, I Love eating their eggs even more!

and Egg Crafts!!!