Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stark Studio

Spring Cleaning is in the Air

I just watched an episode of Mission Organization that many of us can relate to entitled Stark Studio Gets Stylish
Thankfully my studio isn't as messy ;) but I do lack organization and style.
The segment offered great tips for storing patterns in magazine holders, fabric in labeled boxes, rolling bins to store items used daily, that fit neatly under the long wall length sewing table!

Episode ~ Before

Episode ~ After

Everyone brace yourselves
I am going to show my disaster of a studio and the little bit of progress I have made in re-organization
Remember I moved a year and half ago and just dumped everything in here

It's hard to see but Blank Tees and Fabric are now stored in rolling bins
I just need more

And the Stack above has even made more progress since that photo was taken
I only have 2 of those bins left to empty
and my new cabinets are now on that wall

My Studio is definitely a work in progress but it has come a long way

Friday, March 14, 2008

Week In Review

This has been a week of Change, Deliveries, Organization, Style and Rest for some

Miss Bella goes Back to school! No it wasn't Spring Break.
She was a Pre-School Drop Out
Yes, that's right after a month of crying I decided she wasn't ready. That was back in September. We have talked about school everyday since and even waive to it when we drive by.
I don't know if she is ready or just tired of being stuck home with me, lol

Bella and I went back to school on Monday!
Our goal is Monday, Wednesday, Friday for only a half day...she refuses to take a nap at school.
No problem, I even told her I would go with her for the first few days IF she needed me to.
I went with her on Monday and on Wednesday she said "What are you doing here?"
(Funny, I was thinking the same thing)
I went home and picked up my Big Girl in a few hours and here is how the rest of our week went...

HOME at last

Blu really enjoyed his time without Bella

He even made a New Friend
The Pretty Stuffed Kitty had to be taken away...he got a little too excited

The arrival of New Cabinets for My Studio
Shh, Top Secret Equipment
(we can talk about that later)

50% off at OfficeMax
in just the right colors too ;)

Trenton's Crazy Hair Day at School

Finish off the Week with the New Cabinets in Place
Oh but so much more work to be done!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Feathering the Nest

We moved into our new home a year and a half ago. I don't take well to change
No Really I just changed the address on my drivers licence last week and that was out of necessity.
Okay, truth be told I am the Queen of Procrastination!

But that is ALL behind me...
I have declared 2008 as My year of "Change"
I have altered my anti-schedule ways. I am making lists and actually crossing things off.

We are eating dinner by 5:30, the kids are going to bed on time (close enough), the house is cleaner and more organized than it was.
Now I am up to Feathering the Nest. This house is in much need of warmth and style.
Here are a couple new items I've added this week

hmm, What's that behind my New BlackBird Tin???
Just a little sneak peak at new items in the works for
One Boy One Girl

Meet Blu-Kitty...he was hopping to Feather his Nest too, LOL
Luckily for the Birds they outsmarted him. They were eating at another feeder ;)


Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Big Chill

This past week Florida had unexpected (or at least it was for me) below freezing temps (brr) and highs in the low 40's during the day.

It was cold enough that I felt compelled to finish up a couple winter projects for the kids.
I made each of them new pj's for the cold night

(Bella got a matching pillowcase, too)

This weekend it was back in the 80's!
We untucked the pansies and petunias (hopefully for the last time) and took a couple pictures of our reflection in the birdbath

Spring is Here!