Friday, May 9, 2008

Clean Cut

Well, not so Clean Cut
Mr. Cool, aka. Trenton got a much need haircut
He was starting to do that funny head tilt to keep his hair out of his eyes and looking too much like a teenager!

Here he is before his haircut attempting to do his homework through a mop of hair

Lookie, now he has eyes!

Now for the Clean portion of our post

Bella went for her first dentist appointment!
She is getting so big, she didn't even want me to come in the room with her!
Is this the same little girl that dropped out of dance and refused to go to preschool?

Yes, I know she looks really frightened in the picture.
She just had her fluoride treatment and had sticky stuff on her teeth.
Really, She can't wait to go back!


1 comment:

Patty said...

If the kids did not grow up you would be worrying and if they grow up too fast...well we are a fickle bunch. Now just start planning Bella's wedding anytime...never too early since I know you will probably make everything yourself. The ultimate bling gown! I bet you can start to sketch the design...I am teasing you. But kids do grow up fast. pd