Friday, March 14, 2008

Week In Review

This has been a week of Change, Deliveries, Organization, Style and Rest for some

Miss Bella goes Back to school! No it wasn't Spring Break.
She was a Pre-School Drop Out
Yes, that's right after a month of crying I decided she wasn't ready. That was back in September. We have talked about school everyday since and even waive to it when we drive by.
I don't know if she is ready or just tired of being stuck home with me, lol

Bella and I went back to school on Monday!
Our goal is Monday, Wednesday, Friday for only a half day...she refuses to take a nap at school.
No problem, I even told her I would go with her for the first few days IF she needed me to.
I went with her on Monday and on Wednesday she said "What are you doing here?"
(Funny, I was thinking the same thing)
I went home and picked up my Big Girl in a few hours and here is how the rest of our week went...

HOME at last

Blu really enjoyed his time without Bella

He even made a New Friend
The Pretty Stuffed Kitty had to be taken away...he got a little too excited

The arrival of New Cabinets for My Studio
Shh, Top Secret Equipment
(we can talk about that later)

50% off at OfficeMax
in just the right colors too ;)

Trenton's Crazy Hair Day at School

Finish off the Week with the New Cabinets in Place
Oh but so much more work to be done!


Jamie **RMX Designs** said...

Yeah on the office! I am soooooooo jealous.

Glad Bella is doing better at school.

Sassy Pink Boutique said...

A crop-o-dile is the greatest thing! It replaces the old hammer thing that crafters use to smash down eyelets for cardmaking or scrapbooking. All you do is punch the hole, put in the eyelet and punch it- which smashes it flat. Does that make sense?

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Elizabeth said...

Oh sister I so happy for you...I can't believe you finally did it. Where is this energy coming from.

This is the first time I have every written in a blog and not sure if I am doing it correctly. It's beautiful...and love seeing your wit, charm and grace in writing.

You are inspiring me!!!

Love you. L

Anonymous said...

I'm on the beach in Aruba checking your blog - and wow - your studio is coming together great. Bella going to school + your new equiptment = BIG $ for you... Cant wait for you to get that Jet so you can fly us back and forth to visit you. I hope that the picture of Trenton's crazy hair day is removed before he has to ask a girl to the prom.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sistah!

When I read your first post I tried to post a witty, smart and funny comment but I didn't have an id and when presented with that obtacle...well...I thought ok, I'll get back to that later. Ha! Doesn't that sum me up in a very long sentence! (Unlike your crafty organized lil' self!) Everything looks awesome..ummm can you come over to my house? Keep posting, I love having a glimpse into your Martha Stewart existence (you know the one I long for...but wont have until I am too old to have the energy to do it!) That's ok, if you don't mind I am just using "Find/Replace" on your blog, so I can insert Jeanne everywere it say's Patricia. Now that I have fully enjoyed my short-lived "life swap" experience, can you hurry and post something else? (My reality is setting in!)

Love you Tricia Jean Punky,

Patty said...

Wow the room IS making progress. So is Bella! Way to go lil one. I may be able to get that lil something to her sooner then I figured. (shhh) We shall see. I died laughing about the kitty. My dog Buddy cuddles with his stuffed animals. I cannot let your kitty teach him new tricks so I wont let him read the blog. Oh, he went to a doggie birthday party yesterday and did not try to take on any of the big dogs. I will be in touch. And Tricia, your craft room is coming along! I saw the show your speaking of too! I am off to finish a few things painting later. patty