Thursday, August 7, 2008

Where's the Beef?

It's a weekly struggle to make food that everyone in my house will eat.

Isabella's current diet consists of Tuna Fish on Ritz Crackers, Hot Dogs, Scrambled Eggs, Toast and Waffles/Pancakes.
The rest of us aren't going to sit down for dinner to eat any of that but at least she is eating something.

Trenton is a brave eater and always has been but he has what I call "Food Amnesia". He'll eat some thing once and Love it. The next time I make the same thing, before it even passes his lips he declares that he never liked ~What?
I guess it's PB&J for him!

Of course just like any man, Dave eats anything, except for some of the strange concoctions I whip up for myself (well, he thinks they are strange)

The other obstacle in our house is that I don't eat meat. (That would be why Dave thinks some of the things I eat are strange)
Let me clarify that since it can be a touchy subject for some people.
I don't eat red meat, pork, or poultry BUT I do eat fish, eggs & dairy products and we won't get into my secret obsession with Bacon (that should be a 4 letter word!). Bacon is the only meat if it is actually one that I crave and have to force myself to stay away from.
Why I do that, I don't know?
I don't have a grand agenda behind not eating meat, I wish I could say I was that good of a person and it's not for health reasons.
Really, it's just about what I like and what I don't.
Yes I know, Boring

This leads me to a dish I never thought Dave would eat.
Forget about the was late and the kids had eaten earlier.

Black Bean Burgers!
I found the recipe for ever ago at allrecipes (one of my weekly "go to" sites for meal planning)
I have eaten frozen Black Bean Burgers and at restaurants but never homemade.
Dave has never tried one ever!

While Dave was out mowing the yard I made the burgers.
Very easy and quick to make!
I cooked ours in the oven and when they were done I loaded them up with mayo, homegrown tomatoes and lettuce.

I served the burgers along side leftover Farfalle pasta with Zucchini (a recipe from the Pioneer Women...another stop on the weekly meal planning quest)

When I called Dave in for dinner I told him to be open minded.

He was shocked when he ate it and I was happy to find that he Loved it and even wanted a second!

Since that night we have eaten them 2 more times
What Bliss to make a meal we Both can Eat & Enjoy!



modkidboutique said...

Your recipe has been featured on my blog! Thanks for participating on Cook It. Blog it!


Kim McBirnie said...

I must tell you how much I love this recipe - I am going to make it this evening for my family. My husband and I are exactly the same, we don't eat meat but do eat fish and dairy, but we've given our children the option to eat meat - but what is it with bacon??? Do you get quorn bacon in the US? Both of our children also do the food amnesia thing which is so frustrating when it is something they have eaten well in the past, it must be a control thing. So, children are all the same - even transatlantic!