Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to School & Holiday Bling

My Internet has been out since Thursday!
So this is my first chance to show a couple listings that will be ending tomorrow
July 22nd
Here are 2 New 2008 Designs for the
"End of Summer what a Bummer" launch with TheAve

Custom Cat & Mouse Bling Tees
To match a set by Simply*Sophia

Cat Bling Tee Listing

Mouse Bling Tee Listing

Also ending tomorrow
"Celebrate the Holidays in July" with BLB Boutique

Custom Scaredy Cat Bling Tee

Ready to Ship * Size 4
Witchy Bling Tee

Not ending until Sunday, July 27th
New 2008 Design Perfect for Back to School
Made to Match
the Gymboree Prep School clothing line

Prep School Bling Tee

The cable co. has been out twice since Thursday to fix the Internet (and phone but who uses a phone anymore) looks like they got it right this time.
I felt so out of touch not having Internet service but it gave me time to clean the house and work on more designs!

1 comment:

ooh!WEE Boutique said...

really cute designs as always!!
I know what you mean, i would have absolutely gone banana's without INTERNET! phone what phone? you still have a house phone!

just kiddin' i am so afraid to get rid of mine, but i know a few that have done away with it and just resort to their cell phone.