Monday, August 18, 2008

1st Day of School 2008

Summer vacation is over and I sit here childless thinking about all the fun we had.
It went so fast, so fast that I didn't blog about many of the exciting trips and adventures we went on.

This morning was crazy but we made it out on time!
Trenton is starting the 4th grade and Bella is going to pre-k.
Here they are ready to clothes, new school bags, a new start to a great year

Miss Bella even let me get a snap shot outside of school wearing her brand new Little Pet Shop shirt custom made for her by Bear*Threads*Boutique
The picture was taken moments before the tears came.
I don't know when this is going to stop. Bella has attend this school for camp 3 days a week all summer. But still everyday she cries.
It's heart breaking and I have to promise her that I will wait in the car for her ALL day! I'm not allowed to go home.
Rest assured everyday when we pick her up she is chatty and excited to tell us all about her "Great Day at School".
Soon she'll be begging to get away from me but for now I get tears

After dropping Bella off, Trenton and I head to his school.
He likes to get to school as soon as the doors open, that's 30 minutes before school starts.
That's a good aim for me since I am late for everything.
He likes to have time to get settled and relax before school starts.

Here's a shot of him while we wait in the car line for drop off.
Can you see how thrilled he is that I was able to get in an extra back to school pep talk.
He's getting so big that I have to take these moments that he can't escape my locked car to share quality time with him.

Now I'm off to my craft room!

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