Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stark Studio

Spring Cleaning is in the Air

I just watched an episode of Mission Organization that many of us can relate to entitled Stark Studio Gets Stylish
Thankfully my studio isn't as messy ;) but I do lack organization and style.
The segment offered great tips for storing patterns in magazine holders, fabric in labeled boxes, rolling bins to store items used daily, that fit neatly under the long wall length sewing table!

Episode ~ Before

Episode ~ After

Everyone brace yourselves
I am going to show my disaster of a studio and the little bit of progress I have made in re-organization
Remember I moved a year and half ago and just dumped everything in here

It's hard to see but Blank Tees and Fabric are now stored in rolling bins
I just need more

And the Stack above has even made more progress since that photo was taken
I only have 2 of those bins left to empty
and my new cabinets are now on that wall

My Studio is definitely a work in progress but it has come a long way


Jamie **RMX Designs** said...

WooHoo!! Very organized! Now I need mine.

Anonymous said...

OMG Patricia...what a great space!!! Love it!

With friendship,

Anonymous said...

i think it looks fantastic! so bright and organized..makes me want to come work for you!!