Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's out your Backdoor?

BCheeky Guest Blogging Today

The Internet is an amazing place!
I never thought that I would be a person that could use the phrase "My Internet Friend" when describing someone I talk to on a daily basis.
Over the years I have made many "Internet Friends" and have even met a few of them in person...Yes I know, Freaky ;)

We are all from different parts of the country and the world.
Show off "What's out your Backdoor"

I live in Florida, the first images that come to mind for most are white sand beaches, maybe even Disney.

Stop by the BCheeky Blog to see What's out My Backdoor!
It won't be what you think

Whether your at work or home take a snap shot out your door or window and share it on your blog.
If you do, post a comment here or on the BCheeky Blog so we can take a peak into your world.


1 comment:

Dominique said...

I don't even really have a backyard to post - but I do remember those cows! And the other things making creepy noises in the middle of the night and scaring my pants off :)