Sunday, May 3, 2009

Homemade Topsy Turvy

I mentioned in my previous post that you don't need a special "sold on TV" pot to grow tomato plants upside down.

Here's what you need to make your own:
Coconut Fiber Hanging Basket (I used 14"x6")
Tomato Plant
Garden Soil

Choose a strong wire basket.
I lucked out that this one had an open circle on the bottom creating the perfect place for the tomato plant to rest.

Cut a cross in the bottom center of the basket.

A small tomato plant will be easiest to fit through the hole.
Gather the branches, gently push them through the hole while turning the plant upside down.

Super easy and none of the branches broke!

Aww, how cute ;)

If your plant comes with a peat pot and you leave it on, I suggest breaking apart the bottom to help the roots spread.
Fill with Garden Soil and Your done.
You can take it a step further and add to it's function.
Add Flowers or Herbs on top to make an extra attractive Homemade Topsy Turvy!



Jamie said...

Love IT!! We were going to go buy 5 gallon buckets for ours but I think we have a couple of these planters in the garage!

Heather said...


Anonymous said...

Just what I was looking for. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to see some photo updates, to know how it held up under the weight, etc. does the fibre leak out a lot of water onto the leaves?