Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update - Back to School 2009

Isabella made it through her 1st day of Kindergarten!

I left for the school early so I would be one of the first parents through the car line.
Isabella came out of school smiling as wide as she was in the morning when I dropped her off :)
Trenton looked like a proud big brother guiding her to the car.

I had a bouquet of flowers for her in the car ;)

As soon as they got in Isabella said "Mommy, how was your day all by yourself?"
(she had been very concerned that I would be lonely with no one to play with)
I said mine was good and asked how hers was.
Trenton chimed in "She did awesome!"

Isabella agreed, and told me about the adventures of her day...

Going on a bear hunt around the school (school tour), while wearing bear ear headbands they made, searching for honey in their class room and finding Honey Grahams to snack on.
(fyi - a bear is their school mascot.)
She said she exercised in PE, ate lunch in the cafeteria like the big kids and played on the playground.

When we got home she showed me all the "important papers" in her backpack and the "Perfect" Bear stamp on her calendar, that she earned for following all the class/school rules.

She is very excited to meet the rest of her class tomorrow for the first full day with all the kindergartners.

Things are looking up...I hope she continues to be as excited.


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Dominique said...

I am so so glad all went well. Please give the kids a hug from me. Love.