Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School 2009

Yes, it's that time of year in Florida.
The summer came and went so fast!

This is a big year for us...
Trenton is in 5th grade and it is his last year in primary school.
I don't even want to think about next year...I freak out at the thought of MIDDLE SCHOOL

Isabella is in Kindergarten and this will be the only year she will be in the same school with her big brother, Trenton.
I am so happy they will have this year together and that Trenton is old enough to watch out for her...they have a great relationship :)

The 1st official day of school was Monday for most students.
Surprisingly, one of the nice things the school district has started to do is stagger the kindergartners first days.
A different group of 4 - 6 students from each Kindergarten class go each day until Friday, when they all go together for the first time.
This way the teachers can get to know the kids better and help them adjust to a new school.
I'm happy Bella is in the last group.
If she had gone Monday, I don't know that I could have gotten her to go back Friday LOL

Here's Trenton on his 1st day of 5th Grade

and here, waiting in the car line for morning drop off

When I picked him up he said the 1st day was as good as every other 1st day ;)
Which meant, he liked it, because he didn't do any work

Today was Bella's big day!
I asked her several times if she wanted me to walk her in to her class
but she said she wanted to be dropped off in the front like all the other big kids
and Trenton would walk her to class.
She did request that he hold her hand and maybe give her a hug after he walked her into the classroom.
Without question he agreed to all of this.
(gotta love this kid, sometimes!)

On her own she woke up extra early this morning and
was like a Mexican jumping bean bouncing around with excitement.

(Please note that this is the way she is for the first day of most things, it's the days to follow that the tears come and the pleading to stay home starts...we'll see what happens this year)

Here she is in her "Girls Rock" shirt, matching knee socks and glitter shoes!

and here, with her Big Bro

Again, waiting in the car line.
Trenton unbuckled Isabella from her car seat and helped her fix her skirt and put on her backpack.

Jumping up and down, she got out of the car squealing and announced to everyone it was her first day!

This was my last look at them before I pulled away with tears in my eyes :(

I am so proud of both of them!
Can't wait to hear about her day


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Jamie said...

Yeah!! Oh my she looked sooooo excited. That was awesome.