Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here's the assignment...

Spelling Homework:
Pretend you are away at camp. Write a letter home to Mom or Dad. Include ALL of the spelling words in your letter. Underline each spelling word.

Word List:
tropical, animal, April, arrival, trample, bottle, camel, capital, couple, swivel, festival, gentle, level, national, normal, tremble, puddle, rebel, single, tunnel, civil, snorkel, double, dribble, original

Hi Mom and Dad,
I am writing you from the National Civil Capital camp. It's April and there is not a single cloud in the sky, not even a dribble of rain, not a puddle on the ground. You can feel a gentle tropical breeze in the air. I wish I could bottle the weather and send it home.
My arrival to camp was normal and without a tremble. I should have brought double the clothes and a couple more bathing suits.
There is so much to do for any level outdoorsmen. You can snorkel, ride bikes through a tunnel, see a camel at the wild animal park. Be careful the animals might trample you. They have cool swivel cars to drive you around in the park. You can even be a rebel and come up with an original activity.
I can't wait to show you around at the parent festival.

That's a tough assignment. At least this time the spelling words worked together well, that doesn't always happen.

Trenton gets a sheet of daily spelling assignments like this each week.
They are from the workbook Activities for Any Spelling Unit by Teacher Created Resources.
Teacher Created Resources was one of my favorite sites when I was homeschooling.
You can find a workbook on anything, they also have a great inventory of classroom supplies.

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