Saturday, April 19, 2008

1 Week Garden Update

It's only been a week and little sprouts are beginning to pop through the soil!
Bella checks on the garden every morning!
Within days of planting the seeds, she was happy to report on Wednesday the first signs of lettuce (bottom left).
Everything has sprouted except for the Carrots...her favorite :(
I think by next weekend they will make an appearance.

First Signs of Broccoli

Even the Corn has sprouted!

Since we are not planting in rows we dropped a few seeds in each hole.
After they grow a little more we'll cut back all but one plant per hole.

This type of gardening is a new process for us but so far so good!

Bella has also been busy planting Sunflower seeds all over the yard and in any cup or planter she can find space in, lol
Here are a few of her prized plants

To ensure that a few grow to a majestic 12 feet we planted about 40 seeds along the fence.
Bella still has another packet so she'll be back at it tomorrow.

She can't wait for them to grow!


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adur said...

so cute :)
i'm impressed with your expansion of the gardening skills...

- dom