Thursday, April 22, 2010

Revisiting last Earth Day and Earth Day Ideas

I would like to do a new Going Green post today (not sure I'll have time), So for now I want to recap the posts from last Earth Day.

laundry soap

I no longer use the powdered version because it did not work well in my HE washer.
If I have time later today (or this week) I will post a "How To" for Liquid Laundry check back :)

tshirt bag

The is is a fun and quick project that the kids can help out with.
Also makes a great alternative to a paper gift bag!

Things to do on Earth Day & Everyday
plant a tree or garden
turn off the lights & TV
recycle, upcycle
donate unwanted items
have a garage sale
start a compost pile
ride your bike...good for you & the environment
clean up trash in a park or along the roadside
replace your light bulbs with energy efficient ones
be self sufficient: buy baby chicks at your farm and feed store
buy organic food and clothing

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