Monday, March 29, 2010

Jack Hartmann - Concert

The kids school hosted a free Jack Hartmann concert this evening.
Who's Jack Hartmann, you say?
That's what I've been asking for months as Isabella has danced around the house singing his infectious songs.

Isabella insisted that we go to the event. I brought both Isabella (5) and Trenton (very soon to be 12) to the show. Of course, I was going for the free lemonade and ice cream sandwiches ;) provided by the PTO.

As soon as Jack Hartmann hit the stage he had everyone and I mean everyone out of their seats while he taught us cute dances that we all performed while he sang songs about counting, math and rhyming.
Teachers joined him on stage for a silly chicken counting dance, than he requested older kids, 3rd grade+ to come up and sing along to a multiplication song.
Trenton who happily (with no encouragement from me) danced along to all the songs, ran up to the stage to take part in the multiplication song!
I got very sentimental thinking about how old he is getting and that this may be one of the last uninhibited child like activities he takes part in, willingly :(

Isabella danced next to me for a couple songs, then she grabbed her girlfriends and was front and center by the stage.
I would compare her reaction to someone seeing the Beetles, well in her case Miley Cyrus!

It was a fantastically fun show...we bought 2 Cd's on the way out and got a picture signed!

Isabella's favorite songs:
Hip-Hop Tooty Ta
The Cowboy Dance
Mr. Alligator Can Chomp
Let's Get Fit (Counting to 100 by 1's)
Chicken Count

About the music:
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